Creating a Google Places Page

Creating a Google Places Page should be one of the first things you do as a business. It is important to claim your business on Google. You can keep your information up to date and read through reviews to see what customers like and and don’t like.

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. Next a page asking for your business phone number will come up. Click Find Business Information.
    Google Places Business Info How To
    *This is how Google finds your business.
  3. When Google finds your business select Edit. Something like this will come up, all the drop down boxes will be expanded.
    Google Places Let Google Find Your Business
  4. Start with Basic Information.
    This is where you will put in information; some of it may be put in already by Google. You can add things like a description and category. Your page will be built as you add information, on the left side of the screen.
    Google Places Enter Business Information
  5. Next you will either mark that customers come to your location or you go to their home.
  6. Hours of Operation come next. Mark your hours by day or you can make all days the same hours by marking Apply to all.
    Google Places Enter Business Hours
  7. The next drop down is Payment Options. You can insert the types of credit cards taken at your business or whether you just take cash.
  8. Add a photo to your Places page. Choose a photo to upload and click Add Photo.
    Google Places Add Photo
  9. If you have videos you would like to add, you can put those up.
  10. Add additional information that you want your customers to know.
    *EX. parking, if reservations are needed
  11. When you have finished putting in all your information click Submit.

Google will either send a post card to your business address or call the business phone number with a PIN number that you need to put in your Google Places home page. After this PIN is inserted it may take up to 4 weeks to become active. To check your status go to and log in with your Gmail Account.